Muhammad Kasim

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Muhammad Kasim

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim is a DPhil student in John Adams Institute in the University of Oxford. He got his BSc from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia, with Electrical Engineering major. He has wide field of interest, from signal processing, digital design, laser plasma interaction, to optical diagnostic techniques.

My aim for research is to develop novel techniques for plasma wakefield diagnostic. When a laser beam or particle beam is shot into a plasma, there will be an electron wave propagating in the plasma. The wave is called as wakefield and potentially can be used in a particle accelerator. The wakefield can provide electric field up to GV/m, about 1000 times higher than conventional accelerator can have.

For experiment and research purpose, people need to know what happens in the plasma wakefield. That's what diagnostic techniques are for. Currently plasma wakefield diagnostic is using laser pulse sent to plasma to probe the wakefield. The output parameters of the laser is then measured to determine the parameters of the wakefield.

My current interest is to measure the frequency change of the probe laser pulse to determine plasma wakefield parameters. This technique is called photon acceleration technique.