Alexy Karenowska

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Alexy Karenowska

Research Fellow

My main research is in the properties of magnetic systems. Specifically, I am interested in the quantum-level investigation of spin-wave systems: an area of study known as quantum magnonics. A spin wave is an elementary excitation of a magnetic system — essentially a kind of magnetic wave which can propagate at high speed through certain kinds of magnetic material. Like light, spin waves can be thought of either as waves, or as streams of “quasi-particles”. The spin-wave quasi-particle is called the magnon and it carries a quantum of spin-wave energy. The study of spin-wave systems at the quantum level provides both interesting new insight into the physics of magnetic systems and a potential platform for novel kinds of microwave-frequency quantum information processing.

Alongside my research into spin-wave systems I work on the application of radio-frequency, microwave, and optical physics to cultural heritage research and preservation. In connection with this, I run a large-scale international public science program.

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At Magdalen, I teach undergraduate Physics and Engineering Science courses and am also the College’s Widening Participation Fellow.