Publications by Aris Karastergiou

Initial results from the ALFABURST survey

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Cambridge University Press 13 (2018) 414-415

M Surnis, R Foster, G Golpayegani, A Karastergiou, D Lorimer, J Chennamangalam, K Rajwade, M McLaughlin, D Agarwal, W Armour, D Werthimer, J Cobb, A Siemion, D MacMahon, D Gorthi, P Xin

Here, we present initial results from the ALFABURST radio transient survey, which is currently running in a commensal mode with the ALFA receiver at the Arecibo telescope. We observed for a total of 1400 hours and have detected single pulses from known pulsars but did not detect any FRBs. The non-detection of FRBs is consistent with the current FRB sky rates.

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