Publications by Monireh Kabirnezhad

Combined analysis of neutrino and antineutrino oscillations at T2K

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 118 (2017) 151801-

K Abe, J Amey, C Andreopoulos, GD Barr, D Coplowe, S Dolan, X Lu, R Shah, T Vladisavljevic, DL Wark, AJG Weber

T2K reports its first results in the search for CP violation in neutrino oscillations using appearance and disappearance channels for neutrino- and antineutrino-mode beams. The data include all runs from January 2010 to May 2016 and comprise 7.482×10^{20} protons on target in neutrino mode, which yielded in the far detector 32 e-like and 135  μ-like events, and 7.471×10^{20} protons on target in antineutrino mode, which yielded 4 e-like and 66  μ-like events. Reactor measurements of sin^{2}2θ_{13} have been used as an additional constraint. The one-dimensional confidence interval at 90% for the phase δ_{CP} spans the range (-3.13, -0.39) for normal mass ordering. The CP conservation hypothesis (δ_{CP}=0, π) is excluded at 90% C.L.

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