Publications by Monireh Kabirnezhad

Measurement of coherent π^{+} production in low energy neutrino-carbon scattering

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 117 (2016) 192501

K Abe, C Andreopoulos, M Antonova, G Barr, D Coplowe, D Dewhurst, S Dolan, K Duffy, A Jacob, X Lu, R Shah, A Vacheret, D Wark, A Weber, E Et al.

We report the first measurement of the flux-averaged cross section for charged current coherent πþ production on carbon for neutrino energies less than 1.5 GeV, and with a restriction on the final state phase space volume in the T2K near detector, ND280. Comparisons are made with predictions from the ReinSehgal coherent production model and the model by Alvarez-Ruso et al., the latter representing the first implementation of an instance of the new class of microscopic coherent models in a neutrino interaction Monte Carlo event generator. We observe a clear event excess above background, disagreeing with the null results reported by K2K and SciBooNE in a similar neutrino energy region. The measured flux-averaged cross sections are below those predicted by both the Rein-Sehgal and Alvarez-Ruso et al. models.

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