Publications by Monireh Kabirnezhad

Measurement of muon antineutrino oscillations with an accelerator-produced off-axis beam.

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 116 (2016) 181801-

GD Barr, D Dewhurst, S Dolan, KE Duffy, A Jacob, X Lu, R Shah, A Vacheret, DL Wark, A Weber

T2K reports its first measurements of the parameters governing the disappearance of ν¯μ in an off-axis beam due to flavor change induced by neutrino oscillations. The quasimonochromatic ν¯μ beam, produced with a peak energy of 0.6 GeV at J-PARC, is observed at the far detector Super-Kamiokande, 295 km away, where the ν¯μ survival probability is expected to be minimal. Using a data set corresponding to 4.01×1020 protons on target, 34 fully contained μ-like events were observed. The best-fit oscillation parameters are sin2(θ¯23)=0.45 and |Δm¯232|=2.51×10−3  eV2 with 68% confidence intervals of 0.38–0.64 and 2.26–2.80×10−3  eV2, respectively. These results are in agreement with existing antineutrino parameter measurements and also with the νμ disappearance parameters measured by T2K.

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