Péter Juhász

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Péter Juhász

DPhil Student

I am an DPhil student focusing on using ultracold atomic gases in experiment to study many-body quantum phenomena – an in-depth description is available under the Research tab.

I am a member of Pembroke College, a tutor at Brasenose College and Wadham College, having previously studied at Trinity College, Cambridge, carrying out my master's project with Dr Ulrich Schneider's group in Cambridge.

Besides my research, I am the President of the Cambridge–Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary and I volunteer with the Order of Malta.

Brief outline

In the study of many-body quantum systems, two of the key tuning parameters are the nature of interactions between the particles and the geometry in which the particles are confined. Our experiment uses an ultracold gas of Erbium atoms, which due to their large magnetic dipole moment interact via longer range dipole-dipole interactions as well as the more usual contact interactions – this helps us to investigate the effect of long-range dipole interactions on superfluidity.

The experiment aims to explore the appearance and consequences of the ‘roton-like’ excitation spectrum (a minimum in the dispersion relation of elementary excitations) that is expected in a dipolar gas for such a trapping geometry. We seek to directly measure the feature in a dipolar gas and then use the tunability of the cold atom environment to more fully map out and understand its consequences for superfluidity. We are also searching for a supersolid phase (a phase with both long-range order, like in a solid, and long-range phase-coherence, like in a superfluid) mediated by the long-range interactions. Within the project, I am currently working on an optical dipole trap – with which we can trap and transport Erbium atoms between different parts of the experiment.