Publications by Tomi Johnson

Teaching physics in higher education: aims, experiences and strategies

Developing learning and teaching portfolio, University of Oxford (2012)

TH Johnson

I am lucky enough to have experienced higher education in several different formats, as both a learner and teacher. In this portfolio I present examples of how I have sought to build on these experiences, in particular those as a teacher. My ultimate aim is to improve my teaching, but this necessarily involves identifying teaching goals and methods, as well as understanding students’ perspectives and the learning process. The structure of this portfolio is as follows: I begin in section 2 by describing my teaching experiences, directly motivating the later sections. Section 3 contains a discussion of the aims of higher education teaching, using the University of Oxford undergraduate physics course as an example. I then analyse the responses of undergraduate students to a questionnaire that asked them to rate the importance of different sources of learning. This evaluation of learning from the students’ perspective is presented in section 4. In section 5, I look at the benefits of teaching through a mini project, discussing my observation of a project run by my mentor. Section 6 then discusses the design of problem sets through the lens of threshold concepts.

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