Joseph John Peter

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Joseph John Peter

DPhil Student - Condensed Matter Physics

1. Engineering Nanostructures by Binding Single Molecules to Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Samuel D. Stranks , Jian Huang , Jack A. Alexander-Webber, Robin J. Nicholas

2. Magnetic field induced diamagnetic susceptibility of a hydrogenic donor in a GaN/AlGaN quantum dot

JJ Sharkey, CK Yoo, AJ Peter
Superlattices and Microstructures 48 (2), 248-255

3. Interband absorption coefficients of the electronic states calculated for CdZnS nanocrystals grown by sol-gel method

JJ Sharkey, AJ Peter, CW Lee
Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of 47 (11), 1451-1457

4. Microstructural parameters and optical constants of CdS thin films synthesized with various bath temperature

JJ Sharkey, V Dhanasekaran, CW Lee, AJ Peter
Chemical Physics Letters 503 (1), 86-90

Outstanding Young Researcher Award

February 2012
1. Three International publications (research) before completing my Undergraduate Degree
2. Considering the number of research projects undertaken
3. 11 Conferences (State, National and International)

Clarendon Scholarship (nearly £1,00,000)

University of Oxford
July 2012
The Clarendon Fund is a major graduate scholarship scheme at the University of Oxford. Awards are made based on academic excellence and potential across all subject areas, enabling the most distinguished scholars to study at Oxford University, one of the world's top five universities and the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Clarendon Scholarships are awarded to academically excellent students with the best proven and future...

Pembroke College Graduate Studentship (£5,750)

University of Oxford
September 2012
One among the four graduate scholars who won the Scholarship for the academic year starting October 2012.

Dr. Ivan Cole Scholarship ($4500)

Department of Material Science, CSIRO, Australia
May 2012
Students from IIT's, NIT, IISc and CECRI were eligible to apply. The Scholarship was awarded to two students in the year 2012.

Bagged FIRST PRIZE for the paper entitled “HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNTER ELECTRODES FOR DSSC’S” at the National level technical Symposium

February 2012

Bagged FIRST PRIZE for the poster presentation on “ ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY - OVERVIEW“ at the National level technical Symposium

February 2012

"Best Presentation" award for the paper entitled “PREPARATION OF LOW COST THIN FILM SOLAR CELLS”

National level technical Symposium, CONCLAVE 2K11, AAMEC.
March 2011

"Best Presentation" award for the paper entitled " High efficiency thin film Solar cells "

State level technical Symposium, MAMSE, BASICS’ 11.
March 2011

District Second and School First(10th Grade)

State Government Tamil Nadu
August 2006