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The LCFIVertex package: Vertexing, flavour tagging and vertex charge reconstruction with an ILC vertex detector

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 610 (2009) 573-589

D Bailey, E Devetak, M Grimes, K Harder, S Hillert, D Jackson, T Pinto Jayawardena, B Jeffery, T Lastovicka, C Lynch, V Martin, R Walsh, P Allport, Y Banda, C Buttar, A Cheplakov, D Cussans, C Damerell, N De Groot, J Fopma, B Foster, S Galagedera, R Gao, A Gillman, J Goldstein, T Greenshaw, R Halsall, B Hawes, K Hayrapetyan, H Heath, J John, E Johnson, N Kundu, A Laing, G Lastovicka-Medin, W Lau, Y Li, A Lintern, S Mandry, P Murray, A Nichols, A Nomerotski, R Page, C Parkes, C Perry, V O'Shea, A Sopczak, K Stefanov, H Tabassam, S Thomas, T Tikkanen, R Turchetta, M Tyndel, J Velthuis, G Villani, T Wijnen, T Woolliscroft, S Worm, S Yang, Z Zhang

The precision measurements envisaged at the International Linear Collider (ILC) depend on excellent instrumentation and reconstruction software. The correct identification of heavy flavour jets, placing unprecedented requirements on the quality of the vertex detector, will be central for the ILC programme. This paper describes the LCFIVertex software, which provides tools for vertex finding and for identification of the flavour and charge of the leading hadron in heavy flavour jets. These tools are essential for the ongoing optimisation of the vertex detector design for linear colliders such as the ILC. The paper describes the algorithms implemented in the LCFIVertex package as well as the scope of the code and its performance for a typical vertex detector design. Crown Copyright © 2009.

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