Publications by Jaya John John

Exploring surface photoreaction dynamics using pixel imaging mass spectrometry (PImMS)

Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013)

MD Kershis, DP Wilson, MG White, JJ John, A Nomerotski, M Brouard, JWL Lee, C Vallance, R Turchetta

A new technique for studying surface photochemistry has been developed using an ion imaging time-of-flight mass spectrometer in conjunction with a fast camera capable of multimass imaging. This technique, called pixel imaging mass spectrometry (PImMS), has been applied to the study of butanone photooxidation on TiO(110). In agreement with previous studies of this system, it was observed that the main photooxidation pathway for butanone involves ejection of an ethyl radical into vacuum which, as confirmed by our imaging experiment, undergoes fragmentation after ionization in the mass spectrometer. This proof-of-principle experiment illustrates the usefulness and applicability of PImMS technology to problems of interest within the surface science community. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.

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