Publications by Jaya John John

The application of the fast, multi-hit, pixel imaging mass spectrometry sensor to spatial imaging mass spectrometry.

Rev Sci Instrum 83 (2012) 114101-

M Brouard, E Halford, A Lauer, CS Slater, B Winter, WH Yuen, JJ John, L Hill, A Nomerotski, A Clark, J Crooks, I Sedgwick, R Turchetta, JWL Lee, C Vallance, E Wilman

Imaging mass spectrometry is a powerful technique that allows chemical information to be correlated to a spatial coordinate on a sample. By using stigmatic ion microscopy, in conjunction with fast cameras, multiple ion masses can be imaged within a single experimental cycle. This means that fewer laser shots and acquisition cycles are required to obtain a full data set, and samples suffer less degradation as overall collection time is reduced. We present the first spatial imaging mass spectrometry results obtained with a new time-stamping detector, named the pixel imaging mass spectrometry (PImMS) sensor. The sensor is capable of storing multiple time stamps in each pixel for each time-of-flight cycle, which gives it multi-mass imaging capabilities within each pixel. A standard velocity-map ion imaging apparatus was modified to allow for microscope mode spatial imaging of a large sample area (approximately 5 × 5 mm(2)). A variety of samples were imaged using PImMS and a conventional camera to determine the specifications and possible applications of the spectrometer and the PImMS camera.

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