Publications by Jaya John John

PImMS: A self-triggered, 25ns resolution monolithic CMOS sensor for Time-of-Flight and Imaging Mass Spectrometry

2012 IEEE 10th International New Circuits and Systems Conference, NEWCAS 2012 (2012) 497-500

I Sedgwick, A Clark, J Crooks, R Turchetta, L Hill, JJ John, A Nomerotski, R Pisarczyk, M Brouard, SH Gardiner, E Halford, J Lee, ML Lipciuc, C Slater, C Vallance, ES Wilman, B Winter, WH Yuen

In this paper, we present the Pixel Imaging Mass Spectrometry (PImMS) sensor, a pixelated Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensor for use in mass spectrometry. The device detects any event which produces a signal above a programmable threshold with a timing resolution of 25ns. Both analogue and digital readout modes are available and all pixels can be individually trimmed to improve noise performance. The pixels themselves contain analogue signal conditioning circuitry as well as complex logic totalling more than 600 transistors. This large number can be achieved without any loss of quantum efficiency thanks to the use of the patented Isolated N-well Monolithic Active Pixels (INMAPS) process. In this paper, we examine the design of the PImMS 1.0 device and its successor PImMS 2.0, a significantly enlarged sensor with several added features. We will also present some initial results from mass spectrometry experiments performed with PImMS 1.0. © 2012 IEEE.

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