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Luke Jew


My research interests focus on reducing systematic errors in all-sky radio maps and then using those maps to determine the properties of the diffuse Galactic emission between 1-100 GHz.
Improved maps of the radio sky and a deeper understanding of the diffuse Galactic emission are vital in the current search for primordial CMB B-modes.

I regularly give talks to the general public and school groups on a range of cosmology related topics, some YouTube videos can be found here.

I have a page on the Oxford Sparks platform where you can listen to my podcast on baking with microwaves, which can be found here.

A couple of videos of my talks can be found on the Oxford podcasts pages here.

I also helped BBC Newsnight make a video explaining the 2014 BICEP 2 detection of primordial CMB B-modes, which was later shown to be mismodelled thermal emission from interstellar dust. The video can be found here.

I offer consulting services in Bayesian statistics, data analysis, algorithm development and machine learning.
Please get in touch if your organization has problems you think I may be able to help you with.

I am a stipendiary lecturer at St Hilda's College where I tutor statistical physics and atomic, molecular and laser physics.