Nicholas Jennings

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Nicholas Jennings

DPhil student

I am studying for a DPhil in the Particle Theory Group, supervised by Professor Joseph Conlon.

I did my undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics at Durham University (MPhys). My final year project was on "Brane Tilings applied to AdS/CFT correspondence" supervised by Dr Sebastian Franco. I then went on to study Part III Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

My research is mostly focussed on indirect X-ray searches for Axion-Like Particles (ALPs). ALPs are light pseudoscalar particles that are a well motivated extension of the Standard Model that arise generically in string compactifications. If they exist, they interconvert with photons in magnetic fields such as those that permeate certain galaxy clusters. Looking for deviations in the X-ray spectra from these objects can constrain the ALP coupling to photons. This methodology produces world-leading bounds on the ALP-photon coupling for ultralight ALP masses.

I also have a paper which explores the possibility that an observed dip at 3.5 keV in the spectrum of the AGN at the centre of NGC1275, along with an excess at 3.5 keV seen in other systems, could be explained by Fluorescent Dark Matter.

My papers have been written in collaboration with my supervisor Professor Joseph Conlon and the rest of his research group past and present (Francesca Day, Sven Krippendorf, Francesco Muia, Andrew Powell and Markus Rummel) as well as Professor Marcus Berg from Karlstad University.

I have been a Class Tutor for the C6 Theory Option since Trinity Term 2015.

I have also been a Class Tutor for the MMathPhys module "Advanced QFT" in Hilary Term 2016 & 2017.