Jane Hurley

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Jane Hurley

Post-doctoral Research Associate

I am a PDRA in the Planetary Atmospheres' group at Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Planetary Physics (AOPP), Oxford. I completed my DPhil in 2008 in the Earth Observation Data group at AOPP, studying clouds on Earth in the infrared from ESA's Envisat/MIPAS instrument, developing cloud detection and retrieval algorithms for the ESA MIPclouds study. I worked as a PDRA in 2009 at the Centre for Air Transport and the Environment, Manchester, where I used chemical transport models to look at the effect of emissions from aircraft on global ozone precursor chemistry, before returning to AOPP in late 2009.

My current research focusses upon

  • using infrared observations from the Cassini/CIRS instrument of the Saturnian system to derive physical properties such as temperature and atmospheric composition

  • validating infrared observations taken by the Rosetta/VIRTIS instrument (which is en route to intercept the comet 67P) of the Earth using a range of Earth-observing instruments

  • using MRO/MCS and Rosetta/VIRTIS infrared observations of Mars to retrieve physical properties of Mars' atmosphere and surface

  • helping with instrument design with the Planetary Instrumentation group at AOPP by helping to define the science return possible for specific hardware designs for Earth, planetary and exoplanetary remote-sensing instruments

Additionally, I help with designing Cassini/CIRS observations, liasing with colleagues at NASA/GSFC.