Publications by Ryan Houghton

Photometric analysis of Abell 1689

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Cambridge University Press (CUP) 8 (2012) 230-230

ED Bontà, RL Davies, RCW Houghton, F D'Eugenio, EM Corsini, J Méndez-Abreu

<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>We carried out a photometric analysis of a sample of early-type galaxies in Abell~1689 at <jats:italic>z</jats:italic> = 0.183, using <jats:italic>HST</jats:italic>/ACS archive images in the rest-frame <jats:italic>V</jats:italic> band. We performed a two-dimensional photometric decomposition of each galaxy surface-brightness distribution using the GASP2D fitting algorithm (Méndez-Abreu <jats:italic>et al</jats:italic>. 2008). We adopted both a Sérsic and de Vaucouleurs law. S0 galaxies were analysed also taking into account a disc component described by an exponential law. The derived photometric parameters, together with the ones previously obtained with the curve of growth method (Houghton <jats:italic>et al</jats:italic>. 2012), will be used to analyse the Fundamental Plane of Abell 1689 and quantify how it is affected by the use of different decomposition techniques (Dalla Bontà <jats:italic>et al</jats:italic>. 2013, in preparation). The stellar velocity dispersions of the sample galaxies were derived by using GEMINI-N/GMOS and VLT/FLAMES (D'Eugenio <jats:italic>et al</jats:italic>. 2013) spectroscopic data.</jats:p>

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