Jaz Hill-Valler

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Jaz Hill-Valler

DPHIL Student

I'm a third year DPhil student working with Mike Jones and the Experimental Radio Cosmology Group on Radio Instrumentation. My project will involve many aspects of radio instrumentation, mostly focusing on the optical design and receiver architecture for a future CMB foregrounds ground based experiment 'NextBASS'.

I previously completed an MSci Astrophysics degree at UCL in 2015. I have undertaken third year photometric and spectroscopic observational projects at the University College London Observatory (formerly ULO) and at L'Observatoire de Haute-Provence. I found myself more interested in the instrumentation which lead to my change in direction. My dissertation involved the testing of lab components and conceptual designs for a 1-5µm spectrometer with Giorgio Savini for a small exoplanet satellite mission. I was awarded with "Best 4th year Physics project achieving a balance between theoretical and practical Physics".

On a less academic note, I'm passionate about the environment, art and music. I intend on sharing my interdisciplinary skills with the Engineering world!

Optical design for the NextBASS project including modelling the optics in GRASP, feed horn design and receiver back-end architecture. Read more about NextBASS here