Andrea Hidalgo Valadez

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Andrea Hidalgo Valadez

DPhil in Astrophysics (Astronomical instrumentation)

Andrea Hidalgo is a DPhil student in astrophysics at the University of Oxford. Her thesis work is in astronomical instrumentation, specifically instrumentation for HARMONI, the first light visible and near-IR integral field spectrograph for the ELT.

She studied a Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering at Universidad la Salle and a Master of Science in Astrophysics at INAOE in Mexico, where she is from originally. She has experience in optics manufacturing, and metrology, cryogenic optomechanics and coatings testing as well as in the development of integration, assembly and verification plans for the HARMONI cameras. Additionally, as part of her degree, sometimes she spends her time looking at the surface composition of the satellites of Jupiter with integral field spectrographs.

She is currently the Secretary of the Oxford University Mexican Society. (OUMS)

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Her preferred pronouns are she\her, ella\la\-a (Spanish).

I am a lab demonstrator in the Optics Labs. (Physics 1st year undergraduate)