Publications by Chris Hays

Angles on CP-violation in Higgs boson interactions

Physics Letters B Elsevier 790 (2019) 372-379

FU Bernlochner, C Englert, C Hays, K Lohwasser, H Mildner, A Pilkington, DD Price, M Spannowsky

CP-violation in the Higgs sector remains a possible source of the baryon asymmetry of the universe. Recent differential measurements of signed angular distributions in Higgs boson production provide a general experimental probe of the CP structure of Higgs boson interactions. We interpret these measurements using the Standard Model Effective Field Theory and show that they do not distinguish the various CP-violating operators that couple the Higgs and gauge fields. However, the constraints can be sharpened by measuring additional CP-sensitive observables and exploiting phase-space-dependent effects. Using these observables, we demonstrate that perturbatively meaningful constraints on CP-violating operators can be obtained at the LHC with luminosities of (100/fb). Our results provide a roadmap to a global Higgs boson coupling analysis that includes CP-violating effects.

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