Peter Hatfield

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Peter Hatfield

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I am a Hintze Research Fellow working on topics in "The Dark Universe" - dark matter and dark energy. I work on a range of topics in cosmology and galaxy evolution in the research group of Professor Matt Jarvis, using large galaxy surveys to understand the connection between galaxies and their dark matter halo.

I also have interest in laboratory astrophysics experiments, which use high-powered lasers to create astrophysical plasmas on Earth e.g. millimetre sized plasmas with conditions similar to inside a star.

Research interests include: multi-wavelength astronomical surveys, the galaxy-halo connection, large-scale structure, machine learning, hydrodynamical simulations, VISTA, MeerKAT, Euclid, Rubin, NIF, CLF

I did my Undergraduate studies in Mathematics and my Masters in Astrophysics, both at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. I did my DPhil in Astronomy, supervised by Professor Matt Jarvis, at Lincoln College, University of Oxford. I then did a postdoc, also in Oxford, with Professor Steven Rose, on machine learning for ICF and laboratory astrophysics.

I am now a non-stipendiary JRF at Wolfson College for my Research Fellowship.

I am originally from Canterbury, Kent. Besides my studies, I have been involved in a wide variety of outreach and school research projects, in particular through the Institute for Research in Schools.