Publications by Neville Harnew

Measurement of CP observables in B-+/- -> D(*)K-+/- and B-+/- -> D(*)pi(+/-) decays

Physical Letters B Elsevier 777 (2017) 16-30

R Aaij, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, M Bjørn, SF Cheung, T Evans, P Gandini, BRG Cazon, T Hadavizadeh, TH Hancock, N Harnew, D Hill, J Jalocha, M John, N Jurik, S Malde, A Nandi, H Pullen, A Rollings, G Veneziano, M Vesterinen, G Wilkinson

Measurements of CP observables in B ± →D (⁎) K ± and B ± →D (⁎) π ± decays are presented, where D (⁎) indicates a neutral D or D ⁎ meson that is an admixture of D (⁎)0 and D¯ (⁎)0 states. Decays of the D ⁎ meson to the Dπ 0 and Dγ final states are partially reconstructed without inclusion of the neutral pion or photon, resulting in distinctive shapes in the B candidate invariant mass distribution. Decays of the D meson are fully reconstructed in the K ± π ∓ , K + K − and π + π − final states. The analysis uses a sample of charged B mesons produced in pp collisions collected by the LHCb experiment, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 2.0, 1.0 and 2.0 fb −1 taken at centre-of-mass energies of s=7, 8 and 13 TeV, respectively. The study of B ± →D ⁎ K ± and B ± →D ⁎ π ± decays using a partial reconstruction method is the first of its kind, while the measurement of B ± →DK ± and B ± →Dπ ± decays is an update of previous LHCb measurements. The B ± →DK ± results are the most precise to date.

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