Publications by Lucian Harland-Lang

Chi(c) decays and the gluon component of the eta', eta mesons

Physics Letters B Elsevier 770 (2017) 88-92

LA Harland-Lang, VA Khoze, AG Shuvaev

The large mass of the η′meson indicates that a sizeable gluon component is present in the meson wave function. However, the χc0and χc2decays to η′mesons, which proceed via a purely gluonic intermediate state and we would therefore naïvely expect to be enhanced by such a component, are in fact relatively suppressed. We argue that this apparent contradiction may be resolved by a proper treatment of interference effects in the decay. In particular, by accounting for the destructive interference between the quark and gluon components of the η′distribution function, in combination with a model for strange quark mass effects, we demonstrate that the observed χc(0,2)→η(′)η(′) branching ratios can be reproduced for a reasonable gluon component of the η′, η mesons.

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