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Lucian Harland-Lang

STFC Rutherford Fellow

I obtained my PhD at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, under the supervision of James Stirling. Subsequently I have held postdoctoral positions at the IPPP, Durham, and University College London. I joined the Particle Theory group in 2017 as an STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow.

A list of my current publications can be found here.

Videos of talks I gave about the structure of the proton at the Sid Drell symposium can be found here, and at the Oxford Saturday morning of theoretical physics here.

My research is principally related to high energy physics phenomenology, in particular at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment at CERN. Two key areas of my work involve the determination of the proton structure via parton distribution functions (PDFs), and a unique class of collision event, known as 'Central Exclusive Production' (CEP), where the colliding protons produce some object of interest but remain intact after the collision. PDFs are an essential ingredient in all LHC processes, and as a member of the MSHT global PDF fitting collaboration I am involved in determining these objects as precisely as possible. CEP provides a clean and complementary probe of the strong interaction as well as physics beyond the Standard Model. I have written and maintain the 'SuperChic' Monte Carlo event generator for CEP, which currently generates a wide of range of processes and is under active development.

Advanced Quantum Field Theory

Below are a continuously updated set of lecture notes for the MMathPhys Advanced Quantum Field Theory course. Latest update: 20/04/21. Please feel free to pass on criticisms or point out typos.

Lecture Notes