Richard Grumitt

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Richard Grumitt

Grad Student

I am a DPhil student working on the analysis of cosmic microwave background (CMB) data. I am a member of the C-Band All Sky Survey (C-BASS) collaboration, an experiment mapping the whole sky in intensity and polarisation at 5 GHz. I am particularly interested in the application of advanced statistical and data science methods to studying the early universe.

In addition to my scientific work, I am interested in the role of science in development and policy. I have participated in the Newton Fund Thailand Radio Astronomy programme, which aims to support Thailand in building scientific and technical capacity. Over the summer of 2018 I undertook a policy internship in the Government Office for Science, supporting the work of the Government Chief Scientific Adviser.

I am a demonstrator in the first year electromagnetism labs, and a tutor for second year electromagnetism at Hertford College.