Publications by John Gregg

Magnonic crystal based forced dominant wavenumber selection in a spin-wave active ring

Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010)

AD Karenowska, AV Chumak, AA Serga, JF Gregg, B Hillebrands

Spontaneous excitation of the dominant mode in a spin-wave active ring-a self-exciting positive-feedback system incorporating a spin-wave transmission structure-occurs at a certain threshold value of external gain. In general, the wavenumber of the dominant mode is extremely sensitive to the properties and environment of the spin-wave transmission medium, and is almost impossible to predict. In this letter, we report on a backward volume magnetostatic spin-wave active ring system incorporating a magnonic crystal. When mode enhancement conditions-readily predicted by a theoretical model-are satisfied, the ring geometry permits highly robust and consistent forced dominant wavenumber selection. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

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