Publications by John Gregg

Employing magnonic crystals to dictate the characteristics of auto-oscillatory spin-wave systems

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 303 (2011)

AD Karenowska, AV Chumak, AA Serga, JF Gregg, B Hillebrands

Spin-wave active rings - positive-feedback systems incorporating spin-wave waveguides - provide important insight into fundamental magnetics, enable experimental investigations into nonlinear wave phenomena, and potentially find application in microwave electronics. Such rings break into spontaneous, monomode oscillation at a certain threshold value of feedback gain. In general, the wavenumber of this initially excited, threshold mode is impossible to predict precisely. Here we discuss how, by exploiting resonant spin-wave reflections from a magnonic crystal, an active ring system having a threshold mode with a well-defined and precisely predictable wavenumber may be realized. Our work suggests that study and development of active ring systems incorporating magnonic crystals may deliver useful insight into spin-wave transmission in structured magnetic films as well as devices with technological applicability.

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