Ramin Golestanian

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Ramin Golestanian

Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

The research activities in my group are focused on various problems in the general area of soft condensed matter. We aim to understand the physical and structural properties of both synthetic and biological soft matter, taking into account structural and entropic elasticity, electrostatic interactions, dispersion forces, hydrodynamics, and equilibrium and non-equilibrium fluctuations. These studies are performed using a variety of theoretical tools ranging from analytical tools to Brownian dynamics and Molecular Dynamics simulations. We also apply our knowledge of how things work at the nano-scale to propose designs for machines that could do useful mechanical tasks and analyze their feasibility and the emergent properties of a collection of such devices interacting with each other.

I teach a course on Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics in Michaelmas and Hilary terms, as part of the Theoretical Physics Option (C6), and the new Oxford MMathPhys Course.

Previously, I taught 1st Year undergraduate Multiple Integrals and Vector Calculus in Hilary Term, and its Revision in Trinity Term. The Notes can be downloaded from the top right corner.

See a public lecture I gave in September 2013 to a group of Oxford alumni about my research area, Living Matter, which is available as an Oxford podcast, and a Colloquium entitled "Making Living Matter from the bottom up" that I gave at École Normale Supérieure in Paris in March 2016.

A number of more technical presentations: