Paul Goddard

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Paul Goddard

Visiting Lecturer

I am an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow based at University of Warwick. I am pleased to hold a Visiting Lectureship at the Clarendon Laboratory. I use high magnetic fields to understand the interactions that give rise to correlated electronic phenomena, such as superconductivity, magnetic order, charge order and the shape-memory effect.

I do this by making use of high fields provided by the Nicholas Kurti Magnetic Field Laboratory in Oxford. Here I have developed the apparatus to make measurements of magnetization and resistivity on a variety of novel materials in fields up to 60 Tesla and temperatures down to 400 mK. I also regularly make use of the facilities at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in the United States, and the High Field Magnet Laboratory in the Netherlands.

I sit on the Institute of Physics Superconductivity Group Committee, as well as the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory User Committee. I am a member of the Quantum Materials Research Group here in Oxford.