Publications by Mike Glazer

Local-scale structures across the morphotropic phase boundary in PbZr1-xTixO3

IUCrJ International Union of Crystallography 5 (2017)

N Zhang, H Yokota, A Glazer, DA Keen, PA Thomas, S Gorfman, W Ren, ZG Ye

Lead zirconate-titanate (PZT) is one of the most widely discussed piezoelectric materials, mainly because of its "mysterious" relationship between the so-called Morphotropic Phase Boundary (MPB) and its strong piezoelectric coupling factor. Here we discuss, using results from a Pair Distribution Function analysis, how the complex local structure in PZT affects the long-range average structure across the MPB. A monoclinic MC type structure is discovered in PZT. A first-order transformation between the monoclinic MA and MC components in both the average and local structures explains the sudden change in piezoelectric effect around these compositions. The role of polarization rotation in the enhancement of the piezoelectric properties is discussed with respect to the composition of PZT. The structure-property relationship that is revealed by this study explains the unique property of PZT, and may be applicable in the design of new MPB-type functional materials.

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