Publications by Mike Glazer

Crystallographic and optical study of PbHfO3 crystals.

Journal of applied crystallography 50 (2017) 378-384

S Huband, AM Glazer, K Roleder, A Majchrowski, PA Thomas

The symmetry of the intermediate high-temperature phase of PbHfO3 has been determined unambiguously to be orthorhombic using a combination of high-resolution X-ray diffraction and birefringence imaging microscopy measurements of crystal plates. While lattice parameter measurements as a function of temperature in the intermediate phase are consistent with either orthorhombic or tetragonal symmetry, domain orientations observed in birefringence imaging microscopy measurements utilizing the Metripol system are only consistent with orthorhombic symmetry with the unit cell in the rhombic orientation of the pseudocubic unit cell.

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