Publications by Jamie Francis-Jones

Passive, broadband and low-frequency suppression of laser amplitude noise to the shot-noise limit using hollow-core fibre

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EJ Allen, G Ferranti, KR Rusimova, RJA Francis-Jones, M Azini, DH Mahler, TC Ralph, PJ Mosley, JCF Matthews

We use hollow-core fibre to preserve the spectrum and temporal profile of picosecond laser pulses in CBD to suppress 2.6 dB of amplitude noise at MHz noise frequencies, to within 0.01 dB of the shot-noise limit. We provide an enhanced version of the CBD scheme that concatenates circuits to suppress over multiple frequencies and over broad frequency ranges --- we perform a first demonstration that reduces total excess amplitude noise, between 2 - 6 MHz, by 85%. These demonstrations enable passive, broad-band, all-guided fibre laser technology operating at the shot-noise limit.

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