Publications by Jamie Francis-Jones

Characterizing the variation of propagation constants in multicore fiber.

Optics express 22 (2014) 25689-25699

PJ Mosley, I Gris-Sánchez, JM Stone, RJA Francis-Jones, DJ Ashton, TA Birks

We demonstrate a numerical technique that can evaluate the core-to-core variations in propagation constant in multicore fiber. Using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo process, we replicate the interference patterns of light that has coupled between the cores during propagation. We describe the algorithm and verify its operation by successfully reconstructing target propagation constants in a fictional fiber. Then we carry out a reconstruction of the propagation constants in a real fiber containing 37 single-mode cores. We find that the range of fractional propagation constant variation across the cores is approximately ± 2 × 10(-5).

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