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Spectrally pure single photons at telecommunications wavelengths using commercial birefringent optical fiber

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J Lugani, RJA Francis-Jones, J Boutari, IA Walmsley

We report a bright and tunable source of spectrally pure heralded single photons in the telecom O-Band, based on cross-polarized four wave mixing in a commercial birefringent optical fiber. The source can achieve a purity of 85%, heralding efficiency of 30% and high coincidences to accidentals ratio of 108. Furthermore, the possibility of building multiple identical sources is explored. Through the measurements of joint spectral intensities, we find that the fiber is homogeneous over atleast 45 centimeters and can potentially realize 4 identical sources. This paves the way for a cost-effective fiber-optic approach to implement multi-photon quantum optics experiments.

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