Publications by Paul Fendley

Self-dual S3-invariant quantum chains

SciPost Physics Stichting SciPost 9 (2020) 88

E O'Brien, P Fendley

We investigate the self-dual three-state quantum chain with nearest-neighbor interactions and S 3 , time-reversal, and parity symmetries. We find a rich phase diagram including gapped phases with order-disorder coexistence, integrable critical points with U(1) symmetry, and ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic critical regions described by three-state Potts and free-boson conformal field theories respectively. We also find an unusual critical phase which appears to be described by combining two conformal field theories with distinct "Fermi velocities". The order-disorder coexistence phase has an emergent fractional supersymmetry, and we find lattice analogs of its generators.

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