Tristan Farrow

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Tristan Farrow

Senior Research Fellow, Oxford and CQT (NUS)

My research interests in experimental quantum information focus on:

  • Time-resolved spectroscopy of artificial atoms (quantum dots) made of pervoskite material. This promising new material has desirable optical properties for quantum information processing.
  • The role of quantum phenomena in biological and complex molecules. This work aims to enable the development of the building blocks of future quantum computers and efficient energy harvesting devices that copy the design principles of naturally evolved systems.

I supervise the BA Final Year Projects.

I lecture on experimental quantum optics on the Quantum Information postgraduate course in Atomic and Laser Physics.

I tutored classical mechanics, quantum physics, solid state physics (on the Cambridge Natural Sciences Tripos papers IA and IB).

I review applications from D.Phil. candidates and serve occasionally on the sub-departmental interview panel.

I run group projects for secondary schools.