Publications by Fabian Essler

Exact Bethe ansatz spectrum of a tight-binding chain with dephasing noise

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 117 (2016) 137202

MV Medvedyeva, F Essler, T Prosen

We construct an exact map between a tight-binding model on any bipartite lattice in the presence of dephasing noise and a Hubbard model with imaginary interaction strength. In one dimension, the exact many-body Liouvillian spectrum can be obtained by application of the Bethe ansatz method. We find that both the nonequilibrium steady state and the leading decay modes describing the relaxation at late times are related to the η-pairing symmetry of the Hubbard model. We show that there is a remarkable relation between the time evolution of an arbitrary k-point correlation function in the dissipative system and k-particle states of the corresponding Hubbard model.

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