Fabian Essler

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Fabian Essler

Professor of Theoretical Physics

I am a condensed matter theorist working on low dimensional quantum many-body systems. I also have long-standing interests in quantum integrable models and classical driven diffusive systems. I have co-authored a monograph on the exact solution of the one dimensional Hubbard model. Some of my current research interests are non-equilibrium evolution in quantum many-body systems, finite-temperature dynamical response in integrable models and the calculation of subleading contributions in entanglement entropies.

I have been an elected member of the Council of Oxford University since 2018.

I am currently lecturing the second year undergraduate Quantum Mechanics course.

I won an MPLS Teaching Excellence Award in 2015 for my lectures that formed part of the C6 major option in Theoretical Physics.
Lecture notes on some of the courses I have taught in the past can be found on my website.