Fabian Essler

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Fabian Essler

Professor of Theoretical Physics

I am a condensed matter theorist working on low dimensional quantum many-body systems. I also have long-standing interests in quantum integrable models and classical driven diffusive systems. I have co-authored a monograph on the exact solution of the one dimensional Hubbard model. Some of my current research interests are non-equilibrium evolution in quantum many-body systems, finite-temperature dynamical response in integrable models and the calculation of subleading contributions in entanglement entropies

I am currently the coordinator and a lecturer (24 lectures) for the fourth year undergraduate major option in Theoretical Physics (C6).
In recent years I have been lecturing a second year undergraduate course on "Mathematical Methods", the fourth year undergraduate major option in Theoretical Physics and graduate courses on QFT Methods in Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter and Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter II.
In Hilary Term 2012 I lectured part of the 1st year Multiple Integrals and Vector Analysis course. Lecture notes and more details can be found on my webpage.

Until July 2012 I was also a tutorial fellow of Worcester College and tutored the following courses

1st year: Complex Numbers and ODEs, Normal Modes and Waves, Vectors and Matrices, Calculus, Revision for Special Relativity, CP3 and CP4
2nd year: Mathematical Methods, Quantum Mechanics, Further Quantum Theory, Revision in Quantum Mechanics, Further Quantum Theory
3rd year: Symmetry and Relativity, General Relativity and Cosmology, Revision in GR