Publications by Jo Dunkley

Evidence of lensing of the cosmic microwave background by dark matter halos.

Physical review letters 114 (2015) 151302-

M Madhavacheril, N Sehgal, R Allison, N Battaglia, JR Bond, E Calabrese, J Caligiuri, K Coughlin, D Crichton, R Datta, MJ Devlin, J Dunkley, R Dünner, K Fogarty, E Grace, A Hajian, M Hasselfield, JC Hill, M Hilton, AD Hincks, R Hlozek, JP Hughes, A Kosowsky, T Louis, M Lungu, J McMahon, K Moodley, C Munson, S Naess, F Nati, L Newburgh, MD Niemack, LA Page, B Partridge, B Schmitt, BD Sherwin, J Sievers, DN Spergel, ST Staggs, R Thornton, A Van Engelen, JT Ward, EJ Wollack, Atacama Cosmology Telescope Collaboration

We present evidence of the gravitational lensing of the cosmic microwave background by 10(13) solar mass dark matter halos. Lensing convergence maps from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope Polarimeter (ACTPol) are stacked at the positions of around 12 000 optically selected CMASS galaxies from the SDSS-III/BOSS survey. The mean lensing signal is consistent with simulated dark matter halo profiles and is favored over a null signal at 3.2σ significance. This result demonstrates the potential of microwave background lensing to probe the dark matter distribution in galaxy group and galaxy cluster halos.

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