Christopher Duncan

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Christopher Duncan

Research Fellow

I am a joint Beecroft Fellow and Euclid PDRA.

I work primarily on the modelling and measurement of the point spread function (a systematic effect who's effect, if uncorrected for, catastrophically biases the primary measure of a gravitational lensing study) for the Euclid mission. I also work on using weak gravitational lensing measurements to infer cosmology and astrophysics, with an emphasis on the use of the magnification of distant galaxies.

My primary research interests include gravitational lensing, combined probes of cosmology and the development and application of advanced statistical methods such as Bayesian inference in image analysis and model interpretation.

I have also worked in developing a hierarchical Bayesian inference tool for the analysis of florescent tagged proteins on the surface of mammalian cells using microscopy data, particularly in application to EFGR receptors as part of a larger cancer research study.