Josh Dorrington

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Josh Dorrington

Graduate student (DTP)

I received my MPhys from the University of Exeter in 2017, and joined the Environmental Research DTP at Oxford later that year.

I am interested in understanding the variability and chaotic dynamics of the atmosphere, and try to unify ideas from the dynamical systems community with the demands of numerical weather prediction.

In particular I am interested in the role of slowly evolving and recurrent large scale anomalies over the North Atlantic, typically referred to as circulation regimes, in determining weather and climate on sub-seasonal, seasonal, and climactic timescales. These are very important due to their link with extreme weather events, and due to their large spatial structure they may well be predictable on timescales well exceeding the classical 'predictability horizon' of the atmosphere.

I often make use of simple conceptual models, and clustering techniques from machine learning to try and probe the underlying mechanisms that lead to these regime dynamics, and to understand how we can better predict them.