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Beth Dingley

Graduate student (DTP)

I am a second-year DPhil student in the Climate Processes research group in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics. My project will focus on convective self aggregation and how it can be simulated in increasingly realistic conditions. I am also a part of the Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership.

I recently graduated with a Masters in Mathematics from University of Exeter. Throughout my final year I focussed on climate science; mainly geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical weather prediction, and wave theory.

My masters thesis investigated the sources of aerosols reaching Ascension Island and the associated effects of the African biomass burning aerosols on the global radiation budget. I have also had the opportunity to investigate tropospheric ozone in the UK and its relationship with temperature.

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My DPhil project investigates the organisation of deep convection in the tropics, specifically the phenomenon of convective aggregation. I will be modelling in a global radiative convective equilibrium set up and altering the parameters towards more realistic conditions. This is to determine how different physical parameters affect the degree and properties of aggregation. I hope to apply these results towards understanding how climate change might affect tropical convection.