Seamus Davis

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Seamus Davis

Professor of Physics

Visualizing Quantum Matter at the Atomic-Scale

Davis Group research concentrates upon the fundamental physics of exotic states of electronic, magnetic and atomic quantum matter. A specialty is development of innovative instrumentation to allow direct atomic-scale visualization or perception of the quantum many-body phenomena that are characteristic of these states.

Research Topics:

  • Electronic liquid crystals
  • Cooper-pair density wave states
  • Monopole and spin liquids
  • Magnetic topological insulators
  • Cu/Fe high-Tc superconductors
  • Viscous electron fluids
  • Macroscopic quantum mechanics
  • Quantum microscope development

Davis Group plans to operate two suites of ultra-low vibration laboratories, one in Beecroft Building at Oxford University (UK) and the other in the Kane Building at University College Cork (IE). Ours is a single research group conducting scientifically harmonized studies with complementary scientific instruments at Oxford and Cork. The overall objective is to exploit the distinct capabilities and facilities at both laboratories to maximize scientific efficiency.

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