Publications by Garret Cotter

The small size telescope projects for the Cherenkov Telescope Array

Proceedings of Science 30-July-2015 (2015)

T Montaruli, W Bilnik, J BŁocki, L Bogacz, T Bulik, F Cadoux, A Christov, M CuryŁo, D Della Volpe, M Dyrda, Y Favre, A Frankowski, L Grudniki, M Grudzińska, M Heller, B Idźkowski, M Jamrozy, M Janiak, J Kasperek, K Lalik, E Lyard, E Mach, D Mandat, A MarszaŁek, J MichaŁowski, R Moderski, A Neronov, J Niemiec, M Ostrowski, P Pásko, M Pech, A Porcelli, E Prandini, P Rajda, M Rameez, E Schioppa, P Schovanek, K Seweryn, K Skowron, V Sliusar, M Sowiński, L Stawarz, M Stodulska, M Stodulski, S Toscano, I Troyano Pujadas, R Walter, M Wiȩcek, A Zagdanński, K Ziȩtara, P Zychowski, A Abchiche, JP Amans, T Armstrong, A Balzer, D Berge, JJ Bousquet, A Brown, M Bryan, G Buchholtz, P Chadwick, H Costantini, G Cotter, M Daniel, F De Frondat, JL Dournaux, D Dumas, JP Ernenwein, G Fasola, A De Franco, J Gaudemard, J Hinton, JM Huet, J Lapington, P Laporte, SJ Nolan, J Osborne, S Rosen, D Ross, H Sol, G Rowell, J Schmoll, R Stuik, P Sutcliffe, J Sykes, H Tajima, R White, A Zech

The small size telescopes (SSTs), spread over an area of several square km, dominate the CTA sensitivity in the photon energy range from a few TeV to over 100 TeV, enabling for the detailed exploration of the very high energy gamma-ray sky. The proposed telescopes are innovative designs providing a wide field of view. Two of them, the ASTRI (Astrophysics con Specchi a Tecnologia Replicante Italiana) and the GCT (Gamma-ray Cherenkov Telescope) telescopes, are based on dual mirror Schwarzschild-Couder optics, with primary mirror diameters of 4 m. The third, SST-1M, is a Davies-Cotton design with a 4 m diameter mirror. Progress with the construction and testing of prototypes of these telescopes is presented. The SST cameras use silicon photomultipliers, with preamplifier and readout/trigger electronics designed to optimize the performance of these sensors for (atmospheric) Cherenkov light. The status of the camera developments is discussed. The SST sub-array will consist of about 70 telescopes at the CTA southern site. Current plans for the implementation of the array are presented.

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