Publications by Amalia Coldea

De Haas-van Alphen study of the Fermi surfaces of superconducting LiFeP and LiFeAs

Physical Review Letters 108 (2012)

C Putzke, AI Coldea, I Guillamón, D Vignolles, A McCollam, D Leboeuf, MD Watson, II Mazin, S Kasahara, T Terashima, T Shibauchi, Y Matsuda, A Carrington

We report a de Haas-van Alphen oscillation study of the 111 iron pnictide superconductors LiFeAs with T c18K and LiFeP with T c5K. We find that for both compounds the Fermi surface topology is in good agreement with density functional band-structure calculations and has almost nested electron and hole bands. The effective masses generally show significant enhancement, up to ∼3 for LiFeP and ∼5 for LiFeAs. However, one hole Fermi surface in LiFeP shows a very small enhancement, as compared with its other sheets. This difference probably results from k-dependent coupling to spin fluctuations and may be the origin of the different nodal and nodeless superconducting gap structures in LiFeP and LiFeAs, respectively. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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