Publications by Amalia Coldea

Quantum oscillations probe the normal electronic states of novel superconductors.

Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci 368 (2010) 3503-3517

AI Coldea

In 2008, new classes of high-temperature superconductors containing iron have been discovered. These iron pnictides offer a new area of exploration and understanding of superconductivity. Quantum oscillations is a bulk probe that allows us to map out the full Fermi surface of a superconducting system in its normal metallic state. These oscillations are determined by the Landau quantization in high magnetic fields and are usually observed at very low temperatures and in very clean samples. By knowing the exact nature of the quasi-particles in the normal state and the degree of electronic correlations, one can simplify and restrict theoretical models required to understand the pairing mechanism in superconductors. I will discuss the current understanding of the Fermi surface studies in iron-based superconductors as determined from quantum oscillations.

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