Publications by Stephen Clark

Extracting quantum work statistics and fluctuation theorems by single-qubit interferometry

Physical Review Letters 110 (2013)

R Dorner, SR Clark, L Heaney, R Fazio, J Goold, V Vedral

We propose an experimental scheme to verify the quantum nonequilibrium fluctuation relations using current technology. Specifically, we show that the characteristic function of the work distribution for a nonequilibrium quench of a general quantum system can be extracted by Ramsey interferometry of a single probe qubit. Our scheme paves the way for the full characterization of nonequilibrium processes in a variety of quantum systems, ranging from single particles to many-body atomic systems and spin chains. We demonstrate our idea using a time-dependent quench of the motional state of a trapped ion, where the internal pseudospin provides a convenient probe qubit. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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