Publications by Laura Cimoli

Sensitivity of Deep Ocean Mixing to Local Internal Tide Breaking and Mixing Efficiency

Geophysical Research Letters American Geophysical Union (AGU) (0) 2019GL085056

L Cimoli, CP Caulfield, HL Johnson, DP Marshall, A Mashayek, AC Naveira Garabato, C Vic

Meanders and eddy formation by a buoyant coastal current flowing over a sloping topography

OCEAN SCIENCE 13 (2017) 905-923

L Cimoli, A Stegner, G Roullet

A spatial multi-criteria evaluation for site selection of offshore marine fish farm in the Ligurian Sea, Italy


G Dapueto, F Massa, S Costa, L Cimoli, E Olivari, M Chiantore, B Federici, P Povero