Publications by Yulin Chen

Surface Monocrystallization of Copper Foil for Fast Growth of Large Single-Crystal Graphene under Free Molecular Flow.

Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 28 (2016) 8968-8974

H Wang, X Xu, J Li, L Lin, L Sun, X Sun, S Zhao, C Tan, C Chen, W Dang, H Ren, J Zhang, B Deng, AL Koh, L Liao, N Kang, Y Chen, H Xu, F Ding, K Liu, H Peng, Z Liu

Wafer-sized single-crystalline Cu (100) surface can be readily achieved on stacked polycrystalline Cu foils via simple oxygen chemisorption-induced reconstruction, enabling fast growth of large-scale millimeter-sized single-crystalline graphene arrays under molecular flow. The maximum growth rate can reach 300 μm min-1 , several orders of magnitude higher than previously reported values for millimeter-sized single-crystalline graphene growth on Cu foils.

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