Publications by Yulin Chen

Tuning Chemical Potential Difference across Alternately Doped Graphene p-n Junctions for High-Efficiency Photodetection.

Nano letters 16 (2016) 4094-4101

L Lin, X Xu, J Yin, J Sun, Z Tan, AL Koh, H Wang, H Peng, Y Chen, Z Liu

Being atomically thin, graphene-based p-n junctions hold great promise for applications in ultrasmall high-efficiency photodetectors. It is well-known that the efficiency of such photodetectors can be improved by optimizing the chemical potential difference of the graphene p-n junction. However, to date, such tuning has been limited to a few hundred millielectronvolts. To improve this critical parameter, here we report that using a temperature-controlled chemical vapor deposition process, we successfully achieved modulation-doped growth of an alternately nitrogen- and boron-doped graphene p-n junction with a tunable chemical potential difference up to 1 eV. Furthermore, such p-n junction structure can be prepared on a large scale with stable, uniform, and substitutional doping and exhibits a single-crystalline nature. This work provides a feasible method for synthesizing low-cost, large-scale, high efficiency graphene p-n junctions, thus facilitating their applications in optoelectronic and energy conversion devices.

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